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At Bunheads all of our programs are progressive, therefore dancers are asked to commit to a block of classes. Each program follows a set syllabus which we have created to improve your technique, artistry and knowledge of this beautiful art form. Due to Covid 19, dancers can choose to join us in the studio or online via Zoom. We recommend taking two classes per week as this will not only progress your dancing quicker - but your body will gain all of the physical benefits such as increased flexibility, endurance and strength. Limited spaces and strict Covid protocols apply on all classes.


Frequently asked questions?

Can I join a block half way through?

Absolutley. Many dancers join half way through a block. You will only pay for the classes remaining within the current block. Your instructor will provide you with videos of the current class so you are able to practise and catch up from home if you have missed a couple of sessions.

How many classes should I take a week?

It's simple, the more you practise, the more you improve! One class a week is a fantastic place to start, but if you are serious about improving your dancing, get yourself in the studio as much as possible!

What happens if I can't make all of the sessions?

If you are unable to make a session then you are given the option to join any other class within the current block. Missed classes will not be transferred to the next block.

How do a know what level I am?

Make sure you contact us by using the contact information before. We are happy to answer all of your questions and find the perfect class for you!

What should I wear? 

Whatever you feel comfortable in. Some dancers choose to wear traditional ballet clothes such as a leotard, skirt and tights whilst others feel more comfortable dancing in yoga leggings! Just make sure you pick something that you feel comfortable stretching and moving in. 

Do I need ballet slippers? 

New dancers are welcome to take a couple of classes in socks, however if you choose to continue lessons you will eventually need to purchase ballet slippers. These are very inexpensive, but have a much better grip on the floor and help to prevent injury.