Meet Gee

Founder of Bunheads + Head Ballet Instructor

Gee grew up in Manchester in the UK. She trained at the Central School of Ballet in London and has over ten years of experience as a professional dancer.

She created Bunheads when she moved to Vancouver in 2018.

She wanted to take everything she loved about Classical Ballet and make it accessible for everyone, no matter your background, age or experience level. Bunheads has since become an incredibly uplifting, supportive and inclusive Adult Ballet Community, where we come together and express ourselves through dance.

Ballet is a truly life changing experience. Not only will you see incredible physical changes in your body, but perhaps most importantly you will experience the magical transformation in  your mind which dance creates.

It teaches you a discipline, determination + strength which will shine into all other areas of your life.

Teaching stye: Energeticprecise, passionate

Mantra: "Forget your troubles, and dance"

Meet Sophie

Ballet + Lyrical Instructor

Sophie grew up just outside of Paris in France where she was surrounded by ballet, music and theatre. She trained professionally in Musical Theatre in Liverpool and has over 8 years of professional experience.


Sophies life motto is that

« dance is for the divine so if you

are dancing then you are diving »

meaning that dance is for everyone no matter your prior experience. As soon as you take that first step you simply become divine.

Her biggest passion is teaching dance to adults, as nothing brings her greater joy than watching the transformation that dance has on an individuals happiness.

Sophies particularly loves choreography expressive emotional pieces, as she believes that nothing heals the soul more than dancing the pain away.


Teaching style: Intense, uplifting, emotional


Mantra: “The time to sing is when your emotional

level is just too high to speak anymore,

and the time to

dance is when your emotions are

just too strong to only sing about how you feel”